Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Case Of Former U.S.National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Just Got Interesting

Daily Mail/AP: Donald Trump's first national security adviser Mike Flynn's attorneys accuse prosecutors of 'misconduct' by failing to hand over the FBI lovers' anti-Trump texts and call for case to be dismissed

* Mike Flynn, a former three-star general, was Trump's first national security advisor until he was fired less than a month after the inauguration
* He pleaded guilty in a plea bargain cut with prosecutors from the Mueller special counsel probe and is now waiting to be sentenced
* But his new defense team are accusing federal prosecutors of 'egregious misconduct' claiming Flynn was not given all the facts before making a deal
* Among the missing information, they claim, were the notorious anti-Trump texts exchanged by FBI lovers Lisa Page and Peter Strzok
* Flynn's attorney Sidney Powell said the whole prosecution should be dismissed
* U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan set a Dec. 18 sentencing date for Flynn
* Prosecutors had previously offered a probation recommendation but that now appears to be in jeopardy

A lawyer for Michael Flynn accused federal prosecutors of misconduct on Tuesday as a judge set a December sentencing hearing for President Donald Trump's former national security adviser.

The arguments from Flynn attorney Sidney Powell were the latest in a series of aggressive attacks on the foundations of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation.

They represented yet another step in Flynn's evolution from a model cooperator - he was the first and only White House official to cut a deal with prosecutors - to a defendant whose newly combative and unremorseful stance may cost him a chance at the probation sentence prosecutors had previously recommended.

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WNU Editor: If true, there is a very real possibility that this entire may be thrown out by the judge.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh noooo another cnn narrative going down the hill. .my oh my.. a terrible 2 years for them. Lost half their viewers, sank to rock bottom of news networks and lost all credibility. But thankfully they still have some of the Chinese ad dollars. During 2015-2018, China was CNNs biggest ad dollar spender "invest in China".. Nothing wrong with it. BUT cnn has been the attack dog against Trump and his obviously working policies and CNN has been the main cause of a fabricated race and gender division in the US, going so far to even back Maxine Waters call for mobs and the subsequent arrival of Antifa mobs in Portland. Just wow. And just two days ago the CIA went out of their way to call cnn's reporting on Trump FALSE AGAIN. But our parrots keep on watching...because cnn barely ever apologizes or corrects themselves. But we have these weird virtue signallers out there with zero brain activity who think they're doing something useful. They are. .just not for the USA nor Europe nor the west. They just don't know.

Roger Smith said...

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Mueller, savior of liberals hail Mary play, exposed. Forgot name and didn't read own report. Taking page from Obama playbook, blames Senator Jim Jordan's meany questions for befuddlement on stand while TV cameras rolled. Jerry Nadler assigned to pull TV plugs if the things start going bad can't reach plug. Stomach in way despite taxpayer subsidised stomach operation.

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Anonymous said...

Is the trial over moron? why not get back on the meds instead of drooling all over your diapers

Anonymous said...

Yeah I suppose that is an accurate description.

A wanker in adult diapers, cutting and pasting pixs, and gloating over innocent men like Flynn going to jail.

Fat Lady has not sung. Flynn is still free and Mueller will have had another bad investigation.

In the meantime the wanker has been gloating. I guess it has to have something to do (gloating) as it does not have any functionality.