Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Iranian Media Is Calling For The Seizure Of The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

File photo: U.S. Embassy Baghdad

RFE: Khamenei-Linked Newspaper In Iran Suggests Seizure Of U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

Iranian media affiliated with various parts of the country's political spectrum have been trumpeting a rhetoric that blames U.S., Saudi Arabia and Israel for the widespread protests in Iraq.

This comes while protesters and most observers believe Iran-aligned Iraqi ruling factions have mismanaged the country and tolerated corruption, driving desperate people to come out into the streets with more than 70 killed so far.

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WNU Editor: Iran is worried that their allies are under siege in Iraq, and are trying to divert everyone's attention from this .... After bloodshed hits flashpoint district, Iraq scrambles to stem violence (Reuters).