Friday, November 8, 2019

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- November 8, 2019

U.S. President Donald Trump talks to reporters about Turkey's agreement to a ceasefire in Syria as he arrives in Fort Worth, Texas, U.S., October 17, 2019. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst.

Daniel R. DePetris, The National: Trillion-Dollar Question: Will Donald Trump Really End the 'Endless Wars'?

The phrase “end the forever wars” is now vulnerable to becoming one more campaign slogan without much substance. For the majority of the American people desperately in search of a smarter, shrewder, more restrained foreign policy, that would be a shame.

Like all presidential candidates, Donald Trump made a boatload of promises when he was running for the nation’s top job in 2016. He was the overly blunt, prickly, obnoxious non-politician who was going to turn the United States around with lower taxes, more jobs, a booming economy, fewer federal regulations, and a complete overhaul of the country’s broken immigration system.

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Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- November 8, 2019

Turkey's Operation Peace Spring in northern Syria: One month on -- Umut Uras, Al Jazeera

Princes at war in the Gulf -- France 24

Baghdadi’s terrifying rise from football-obsessed student to self-styled caliph -- Leela Jacinto, France 24

Countering lies with truth: Battling terrorist propaganda in East Africa -- Brig. Gen. Miguel Castellanos, Military Times

How Saudi Arabia monitors and intimidates its critics abroad -- Tom Allinson, DW

Two Years After Mugabe’s Fall, Zimbabwe Returns to the Abyss -- James Hamill, WPR

South Koreans Are Pleading for a Breakthrough in the US–North Korea Talks -- Tim Shorrock, The Nation

What does the US want from China? What is its endgame? -- David Grossman, BBC

Will Poland join atomic energy club? -- Maria Wilczek, Al Jazeera

Von der Leyen: 'Europe must learn the language of power' -- DW

The post-Wall, Cold War world of Hans Modrow, East Germany’s last leader -- France 24

A Russian View on the Fall of the Berlin Wall, 30 Years On -- Andrei Kolesnikov, Moscow Times


Bob Huntley said...

A candidate for the presidency should put forward a plan that provides the actions they will take, to clean up the various governmental departments that Trump has contaminated with inappropriate appointments and reverse whatever damage his appointments have created, including criminal charges if appropriate.

At this point in time the people run for the nomination to run for President for the Democratic party should be promising to not pardon Trump for crimes committed while he was in that office.

Anonymous said...

Louis Lerner was not contamination?

Someone ought to look into Bob Huntley's background. Liberals groups have been known to use sock puppets before. There are so many Bob Huntley's that it would be easy for someone to take the name as a sock puppet.

Having 4% or less unemployment with so many high school graduates, college graduates, legal immigrants, and illegal immigrants is pretty good.

Anonymous said...

And Huntley is more concerned with the American president than the Canadian PM.

Everything must be going great in Canada.

Bob Huntley said...

Yes Anon it is great in Canada and not just because you do not here but that certainly helps.

Anonymous said...

"Yes Anon it is great in Canada and not just because you do not here[sic] but that certainly helps." - Russian Troll

"Parents Sue After Teacher Tells 6-Year-Old 'Girls Are Not Real'"

Lot of weirdos in Canada

Bob Huntley said...

This time I have to agree with you Anon. Thanks for the heads up.

The very young female Canadian teacher involved has now learned a valuable lesson which is, to not let herself be influenced by American ideology on the subject of gay/lesbian/transgender stuff.

Anonymous said...

That teacher is a liberal. Liberals have no country.

Liberals teach the same crap in Europe.

Bob Huntley said...


You are a liberal too but perhaps are either ashamed of it or perhaps aren't aware of it. Half of America is liberal by the way so you are in good company no matter how deep you are in denial.

Anonymous said...

You're right Bob. I am a liberal, a classical liberal.

What the Left calls liberal nowadays is a socialist/communist plus all their other fruit cake theories.