Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Generation That Is Rioting Today Will Be The Generation That Will Target Boomers And Their Wealth (Update)

WNU Editor:
The above video was posted by Epic Economist today and it says exactly what I said three days ago in this post .... The Generation That Is Rioting Today Will Be The Generation That Will Target Boomers And Their Wealth (September 13, 2020). Naturally the above video is a must see.


Anonymous said...

Most of them will still want to make sure they can collect their inheritance

Anonymous said...

The situation described in the video maybe a symptom of a declining phase of the civilisation cycle.

If you're interested please check out the book Biohistory: Decline and Fall of the West by Jim Penman.

It deals with how epigenetics, (how genes can adapt to different environments such as from a food shortage to a food abundance one including occasional famines) can influence the temperament of individuals and societies.

I link an interview of Jim Penman by That Libertarian Chap which summarises the book.

Be aware that this is only a theory on epigenetics on how it can affect civilisations in its rise and decline and it needs some serious research to prove or debunk it.

But with what I see what's happening in the world it makes sense to me.

Anonymous said...

The video’s a bit too breathy and dramatic for my tastes.

Anonymous said...

See the economic warfare we've been in for years and years with China is coming to fruition. China's goal is to avoid kinetic war and kill/ crush us by war through other means. That's literally their handbook. Cultural war and information war and gender and race war and class war.. all these are amplified systematically through their media and education influencing by the billions and billions.

Just look at the state of our media with clear links to China and playing the Chinese game to stay in the market. Everything in the media is so we hate each other. Nothing to be critical of the Chinese actual Nazism and mass murder and theft in the trillions. The economic war and Wuhan virus are aimed to crush us and provoke a civil war, destabilisation or at least unrest.

And money moves away from unrest. And China opens it arms. Come come to us, money, we offer totalitarian stability. And money doesn't mind who killed who and who did what. The Chinese know this. They've been playing us well. But we know a thing or two about tunes as well. Maybe remind them that our cultures are quite rich and ingenious as well. Maybe invite them to Olympia and we compete without steroids. Would be good TV, great ratings! And, importantly, less radioactive :D

Anonymous said...

it seems to me the wealth gap is created more by the lack of virtue and work ethic in the millennials and genxers and the fact they fall all over themselves to empower Google, Facebook, amazon ect. The techs in general. That is the biggest wealth and POWER gap. The other blame does lay with the boomers for the unsustainable entitlements they created. They can go ahead and try to upend with disorder but at some point the real power in the world, FORCE, will step in and have a say in it. I quit watching this as soon as he brought in globull warming horse manure. out.