Friday, October 16, 2020

Facebook And Twitter Crossed A Line This Week That Is Far More Dangerous Than What They Censored

Charles Lipson, The Spectator: Behind the social-media blackout of Biden family corruption 

If a bombshell goes off in the forest and no one is allowed to talk about it, does it make a sound? 

Hunter Biden is now the subject of multiple stories involving serious corruption. Whether he committed any crimes is a question for prosecutors and the courts. Whether he was paid handsomely for his family’s political clout is a question for voters. You wouldn’t know that from ABC’s pathetic town hall with his father Joe Biden on Thursday night. They spoke with him for 90 minutes and didn’t ask a single question about the shocking emails published by the New York Post. That’s either journalistic malpractice or public-relations work. 

After all, the emails raise profound questions that the candidate needs to answer. They appear to show his son, Hunter, repeatedly using his last name to fill his pockets. Hunter’s family is his only asset. How else did someone with no special skills manage to collect such huge payments from foreign companies with deep interests in US policy? He has no knowledge of Ukraine or China, no experience in energy or banking, and a crack pipe full of personal problems. So, how exactly did he get rich? 

WNU Editor: The suppression of the Hunter Biden emails has definitely been a learning experience for a lot of people. From blocking people who want to share it on social media, to not even asking one question at Joe Biden during his townhall at ABC news on Thursday on his son's emails, all of this just proves a point that I have been making for years about the media. It is not the stories that the main stream media covers that bothers me, it is what they choose to ignore. And now with social media being responsible for much of the news that people receive, their interference on an important story that may influence an election to the detriment of their favorite candidate is only going to make people wake-up with the realization that that there is a problem here, and that the legal protections that social media giants receive should now be reconsidered. 

Update: I could not have said it any better ...... Facebook and Twitter Cross a Line Far More Dangerous Than What They Censor (Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept).


Anonymous said...

Charlie Brown, Lucy and the Football | A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

This is why you go with Gab or Parler instead of Twitter.

Liberals said if you don't like Twitter, then build your own. So Parker did and then libs tried to sabotage it. Parler had to build its own email system.

Some non-libs will have to build their own banking system.

Anonymous said...

Both companies are horrible horrible for freedom of expression, free speech and the political process

I hope they get sued for all the lies they pushed on behalf of the left and for the suppression of right leaning voices. Together with Google, of course, which even put your blog on a throttle list

They need to be held accountable criminally, it is beyond the pale what they got away with for so long

Anonymous said...

Look at the two having fun... now these two guys are alright in my book

So what if Obama tried to overthrow a duly elected president..big whoop

And everyone does business with China.. I don't get what the big deal is.. sure, sure they're like Bazi Germany(or worse) with their ethnic cleansing program and organ harvesting industry, but hey they have money and that's what counts, right?

And Biden made hundreds of millions on the side with China... that's not corruption really. Well technically it is and might be even treasonous but you'll see nothing will happen to him. No prison time. So he must be a good guy, right?he smiles a lot. I like that. It comforts me and makes me forget how he touches children and women

He's the lesser evil to Trump. Trump says what he thinks and that's not acceptable. The feelings of some gender fluid kale munchers might be hurt and we don't want that.

Sure, sure tens of thousands are tortured every day in China and they have feelings too, but so what. I want cheap plastic gadgets and Biden delivers on that. So he gets my vote lol

-- signed by every ghoulish Democrat who doesn't understand what's going on

Mike Feldhake said...

Not sure this is that big of a story; we knew about the blocking immediately because our nation allows competition unlike socialist countries who can manage the flow better. I think this shows good how quickly we can react and I’ll take it. But, vote Trump, we don’t want these Lib lunes takes over.

fred said...

Social media for news is like the food at a soup kitchen: it is free and you get what gets served, though how it is made and who makes and serves it is not known.But if that is what you prefer, then enjoy it.
As for what so many deem MSM and its shortcomings: if all so bad why so often posted here as sources for stories? and anonymous Zero Hedge? check on that reputable place (google).When you don't like what you read, call it bad MSM; if a story you think worthy but professionals do not: then conspiracy to keep it from the public.

fred said...

Why do you insist we see Hunter's computer? Can we have access to yours?
Has he done something that is illegal? If so, law enforcement will see to it that his stuff is available..As for questions about him: Thursday Trump in his debate is sure to ask about him. If he does not, blame the moderator or the station.

Anonymous said...

Fred the fbi had his computer for years and didn't do anything. The same fbi that is rocked by a fisa warrant scandal that makes Watergate look like child's play. But I understand your instinct to protect your own.. one crooked perv protecting another. You do your bidding. We all know what you're doing and why