Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Iraq -- War News Updates For July 24, 2007

Doubts Raised on Magazine’s ‘Baghdad Diarist’ -- New York Times
MNF-Iraq Releases Statement on TNR's Soldier Stories -- Gateway Pundit
U.S. Seen In Iraq Until At Least "09": Goal Is Set As Security Nationwide -- New York Times
U.S. May Stay In Iraq To '09, Based On New Plan -- MSNBC
U.S. Sets 2008 Goal For Iraq Security -- Yahoo News
U.S. Brokers Iraqi Tribes Security Accord – World Peace Herald
NYT's Baghdad Bureau Chief: U.S. in Iraq ‘Very Important Inhibitor Against Violence' – News Busters
A Flight To Nowhere: How Iraqis Are Treated In Jordan – Pajamas Media
Iraqi Qaeda Group Denies "Fictitious Leader" Claim – Reuters
Kurdistan: The Price of Oil – Global Voices Online
U.S. blockades Shiite Stronghold – Yahoo News
U.S.-Iran talks Resume In Baghdad -- Yahoo News
Iraq Talks Marred By 'US-Iran Clash' -- Telegraph
US 'Confronts' Iran As Talks Resume On Iraq -- Guardian
U.S., Iran, Iraq To Start Security Panel -- Yahoo News
Turkey Steps Back From Iraq Invasion After Poll -- Times Online
Iraq Car Bomber Kills At Least 24 In Shiite City -- MSNBC
Suicide Car Bomb Kills 26 At Iraq Children's Hospital -- Yahoo News
Four Headlines on Iraq -- Futurist
Al-Qaida affiliate In Iraq Denies In Web Posting That U.S. Troops Captured Its Top Iraqi -- International Herald Tribune
Commentary: The Surge Is Succeeding In Iraq -- American Thinker
Syria Scraps "Iraqi Resistance" Conference In Damascus -- Gateway Pundit
Baghdad Crackdown Swamps Jails -- Sydney Morning Herald
Iraq Report: Taji tribes Turn On Mahdi Army And al Qaeda -- Weekly Standard

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