Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Iraq -- War News Updates For July 25, 2007

Not A Good Time To Be Sunni And Arab In Iraq – Strategy Page
New York Times Quietly Edits Article on 'Shock Troops' – Little Green Footballs
Iraq Report: Tribes In Khalis Pledge To Fight Al Qaeda – Weekly Standard
The Invisible Enemy in Iraq – Strategy Page
Iraqi Insurgents, Together at Poolside – Time Magazine
New Plan For Iraq Maintains Major U.S. Presence For 2 More Years – FOX News
Iran To Consider More Iraq Talks With US – Yahoo News
British Troop Withdrawal From Iraq Hopes Fade – Telegraph
Sunni Bloc Suspends Iraqi Gov't Membership – Yahoo News
Desert Where Insurgents Are Kings Of The Castle – Telegraph
Baathists Announce Plans For Iraq Once Democrats Complete Withdrawal -- Gateway Pundit
More Progress In Diyala As Shieks Sign Pact To Fight al-Qaeda -- Strata-Sphere

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