Thursday, July 26, 2007

Iraq -- War News Updates For July 26, 2007

Terrorists Bomb Soccer Fans In Baghdad! – Gateway Pundit
Commentary: Surging Support For The Invasion – Just One Moment
Commentary: Hilzoy's 10 Lessons From Iraq – Obsidian Wings
Commentary: Imagining Defeat In Iraq – Scripps Howard News Service
SCOTT THOMAS BEAUCHAMP Comes Out of Shadows at TNR -- Gateway Pundit
Haditha Marine: "I Didn't Know There Were Women & Children in House" -- Gateway Pundit
30 Less Terrorists To Worry About In Fallujah (Video) -- Gateway Pundit
More Accurate Green Zone Attacks Aided By Iran: U.S. -- Yahoo News
Baghdad Bomb Kills 21, Burns Building, Cars -- USA Today
Five US troops Killed In Iraq Battles -- Guardian
Bomb Kills 25 In Shiite Area Of Baghdad -- Yahoo News
Khalis Tribal Leaders Sign Peace Agreement -- Operation Iraq Freedom
U.S. Envoy: Troops Holding Down Violence -- Yahoo News

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James W. Weirick said...

It appears that LtCol Ware may be skeptical about charges in this case, as he was in LCpl Sharratt’s case.