Friday, July 27, 2007

Iraq -- War News Updates For July 27, 2007

Iraq: Troops Clash With Shiite Militia -- Yahoo News
Actor Jon Voight Warns of Massive Bloodbath If US Flees Iraq -- Gateway Pundit
Basra 'Will Be Handed Over To Iraqis By End Of Year' -- Independent
Saudis’ Role in Iraq Frustrates U.S. Officials -- New York Times
U.S. Says ills 17 Militiamen In Iraq Clashes -- Reuters
US Troops Battle Kerbala Militia -- BBC News
Pentagon Says Making Contingency Iraq Pullout Plan -- Reuters
Baghdad Car Bomb Kills 25, Wounds 115 -- Reuters
Jordan, Syria: Iraqi Refugees Need Help – CBS News
Iraqis Turn To Gangs To Flee For Safety – International Herald Tribune
Added Forces Credited For Decline In Military Deaths In Iraq – LA Times
Predicated On Defeat – Dr. Sanity
Iraq Report: Al Qaeda Strikes In Baghdad – Fourth Rail
Iraq's "Excess Deaths": Lancing The Lancet -- Tigerhawk
Commentary: The Rule, Not the Exception -- Michael Totten
Entrepreneurs or Insurgents? Economic Growth in Iraq -- U.S. Cavalry On Point
Peace Agreement in Diyala -- Duty in The Desert
Dawn Patrol: Numerous Dispatches From Iraq -- Mudville Gazette

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