Sunday, July 29, 2007

Iraq -- War News Updates July 29, 2007

Commentary: Neither Washington nor Riyadh are spending any time thinking about containing the chaos that will follow the inevitable American withdrawal from Iraq -- International Herald Tribune
Cutting Costs, Bending Rules, And a Trail of Broken Lives -- Washington Post
US-Led Forces Assault Al-Qaeda Across Central Iraq -- Yahoo News
Truck Bomber Turns Against Jihad In Iraq -- MSNBC
Iraq Car Bomb Kills 4, Wounds 10 In Shiite Area -- MSNBC
Third British Soldier In Three Days Killed In Mortar Attack -- Independent
Turkey Set To Defy US And Hunt Kurdish Rebels -- Telegraph
US Fears That Brown Wants Iraq Pull-Out -- Times Online
British Pullback in Iraq Presages Hurdles for U.S. -- New York Times
Gunfire Erupts After Iraq Soccer Win -- Yahoo News
Four Dead After Iraqi Football Victory -- Times Online
Amputations Bring Health Crisis To Iraq -- Guardian

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