Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Analysis Says Iraq War Could Cost $1 Trillion

WASHINGTON -- The war in Iraq could ultimately cost well over a trillion dollars -- at least double what has already been spent -- including the long-term costs of replacing damaged equipment, caring for wounded troops, and aiding the Iraqi government, according to a new government analysis.
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The United States has already allocated more than $500 billion on the day-to-day combat operations of what are now 190,000 troops and a variety of reconstruction efforts.

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My Comment: Wars are expensive in lives and treasure, and the final cost of this war will not be known for a very very long time. One must also look at the cost if the U.S. and its allies did not invade Iraq. Again ..... this will never be known. In the end ..... what is important ..... is that the West wins, and that the extremists in the Middle East do not consolidate their power and influence.

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