Thursday, August 9, 2007

Iraq War News Updates -- August 9, 2007

A summary of Iraq War News for August 9, 2007

US Military: Kills 8 Terrorists, Detains 29 In Iraq – Voice Of America
Two More British Troops Killed In Iraq – Telegraph
Four UK Troops Die In Iraq In 48 hours -- Reuters
Sadr City Fighting Kills About 30 – CNN
US, Iraqi Forces Kill 30 Iranian-Backed Special Groups Operatives – Fourth Rail
Major U.S. Raid in Sadr City Targets Shiite Militia Faction – Washington Post
Iraq Report: Pressing al Qaeda In Diyala And The North – Weekly Standard
Roadside Bomb Attacks In Iraq Reach An All-Time High – Independent
Explosives From Iran Weakening Security In Iraq, Commander Says -- CNN
Thousands Make Iraq Pilgrimage Despite Fears – MSNBC
Shiites March Peacefully In Baghdad – International Herald Tribune
Baghdad On Alert For Shia Festival – Guardian
Iraq Report Hints: More Time Needed -- Yahoo News
The Tenuous Case for Strategic Patience in Iraq: A Trip Report – CSIS Reports
Burns: Analysis Of The Surge & Endgame – INDC Journal
Analysis: Military Makes Gains in Iraq – ABC News
The Surge Is Working. What Now? – The National Examiner
Commentary: Rational Optimism on Iraq -- Commentary Magazine
An Iraqi Interpreter’s Story – Middle East Journal
Renewed Hope For Abandoned Iraqi Interpreters – Times Online
Disaster Looms As 'Saddam Dam' Struggles To Hold Back The Tigris – Independent
Iraq: Suicide Bombers Seen As Phantoms Of Death -- Radio Free Europe
Labor Dept: 1,001 Contractors Have Died In Iraq – Houston Chronicle
Sun Tzu and the Art of Border Security – Captain’s Journal
Talks On Iraq Open In Damascus – Tigerhawk
Sunni Fighters Find Benefits In Alliance With U.S. – MSNBC
Iran Urges US Pull-Out From Iraq – BBC News
Polls Show Shift In Attitudes On Iraq Following Military Inroads – Houston Chronicle
New Republic Iraq Stories Questioned – Washington Post

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