Thursday, August 2, 2007

Iraq -- War News Updates For August 2, 2007

Iraq: Suicide Bomb Kills 13 -- Yahoo News
Proposal Expands U.N. Mandate In Iraq -- Yahoo News
UN Resolution Seeks To Expand Role In Iraq -- Guardian
Iraq Snapshots Give 2 Views -- International Herald Tribune
Jury Finds Marine Guilty of Conspiracy -- ABC News
3 More GI Deaths Reported In Iraq -- CBS News
Iraqi Mosul Al Qaeda Leader Killed -- CNN
Al-Qaeda Warlord Killed, Emirs Arrested In Iraq Crackdown -- Yahoo News
U.S. Defense Secretary: Political Difficulties In Iraq Underestimated -- CNN
Sunni Bloc Bolts Iraqi Cabinet -- L.A. Times
Bombing Of S. Korean Forces'' Headquarters In Irbil Thwarted -- Kuwait News Agency

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