Friday, August 3, 2007

Iraq -- War News Updates For August 3, 2007

54% Lack Confidence in Bush's Ability As Commander in Chief -- UPI/Zogby Poll
Iraqi Soccer Champs Return Home -- MSNBC
Homecoming For Iraqi Soccer Team -- Yahoo News
Iraqi PM To Visit Turkey, Iran Next Week -- Yahoo News
Commentary: Why The Latest Good News From Iraq Doesn't Matter -- Slate
4 American Soldiers Killed In Baghdad -- ABC News
Iraqi Progress 'Disappoints' US -- BBC News
Operations In Iraq's North; Mosul's Emir Killed -- Fourth Rail
Iraqi Security Forces Order Of Battle: August 2007 Update -- Fourth Rail
Iraq: US Forces Capture 17 Suspected Terrorists In Raids Along Tigris River -- International Herald Tribune
Iraq: Al-Qaeda 'Parade' In Baquba -- ADN Kronos

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