Monday, August 6, 2007

Iraq -- War News Updates For August 6, 2007

Suicide Truck Bomb Kills 28 In Iraq -- Yahoo News
Suicide Attack Rips Through Northern Iraqi City, Killing Dozens -- International Herald Tribune
Blast Rocks Northern Iraqi Town -- BBC News
Armed Robots To Go To War In Iraq -- Telegraph
U.S. And Iran Meet To Discuss Iraq Security -- Reuters
Pentagon Can't Account for Missing Weapons -- ABC News
The Brookings Report On Iraq -- Belmont Club
Smith From Iraq On Sacrifices and Syrians -- Threatswatch
The Joint Campaign Plan - Flexibility For Iraq -- Threatswatch
Iraq Transitioning To Success -- Strata Sphere
al-Qaeda Has Lost Iraq - No Question II -- Strata Sphere
Iran Arming Iraqi Militias Via Chinese Arms Purchases -- Threats Watch

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