Thursday, January 31, 2008

Civil War In Kenya -- News Updates January 31, 2008

US Calls Kenya Violence Ethnic Cleansing -- Telegraph

Stop Kenya Burning, Says AU Head -- BBC News

Lawmaker Killed In Kenya's Rift Valley -- Yahoo News

Talks Delayed After Kenyan MP Shot Dead -- Guardian

Nobody Is Optimistic At This Stage -- Video From The Guardian

Second Opposition Lawmaker Is Killed In Kenya -- International Herald Tribune

2nd Lawmaker Shot; Kenya "In Flames" -- CBS News

Kenya Talks On Hold As Lawmaker Slain -- CNN

Can Kenya Avert a Bloodbath? -- Time Magazine

A Nation In Pain -- Newsweek

Kenya Collapse Washes Across the Border -- Strategy Page

My Comment: All the ingredients for mass killing are now in place in Kenya. The question now is ..... who and when will the match be lit.

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