Monday, January 7, 2008

Iran Speedboats 'Threatened Suicide Attack On US' In Strait Of Hormuz

Iran speedboats 'threatened suicide attack on US' in Strait of Hormuz -- Times Online

Iranians threatened U.S. ships in Hormuz: Pentagon -- Reuters

Iran Plays Down Gulf Incident With US -- Breitbart

Iranians threaten to blow up US Navy ships -- Telegraph

U.S. says Iranian gunboats harassed warships -- MSNBC

Iranian Guard Boats Confront & Threaten US Ships -- Gateway Pundit

My Comment: There is clearly a desire among some factions in Iran .. .. if not the main ones ..... to stir a political and/or military crisis with the U.S. With separatist and terrorist attacks increasing in Iran itself, opposition forces increasingly aligning themselves against the Iranian regime, the need to divert attention from these conflicts only will increase with time.

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