Monday, January 28, 2008

Iraq War Updates -- January 29, 2008

5 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq -- Time Magazine

US Troops Killed In Northern Iraq -- BBC News

US Military Deaths In Iraq At 3,940 -- Yahoo News

Bush: "No Doubt" The Surge Is Working -- CBS News

Iraq: The War So Far -- Strategy Page

Inside The New Terror Capital Of Iraq -- CBS News

Return to Fallujah -- Independent

Michael Totten's Take On Fallujah -- Michael Totten

Iraq Ready For "Final" Battle With Al Qaeda: PM -- Reuters

Iraqi Forces Positioning For Battle With al Qaeda Loyalists -- CNN

Good News From Iraq? More Than In The Past -- Pajamas Media

Iraq's Sadrists Seek To End Cease-Fire -- Yahoo News

Iraqi Forces Mass Outside Mosul -- Columbus Dispatch

With No Plans To Win, Iraq Becomes Costly -- Commentary From MSNBC

News From The War Front - Children As Weapons, Baitullah Fired -- Strata-Sphere

Mother Replaces Her Son On the Front Lines in Iraq -- Gateway Pundit

How Bush Decided on the Surge -- Weekly Standard

My Comment: The last battles against Al-Qaeda is now occurring in Mosul. The stage is now set for Sunni-Shiite-Kurd reconciliation.

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why are we in iraq?