Friday, January 11, 2008

Is al-Qaeda In Trouble In Pakistan? Is Anbar-Like Awakening Starting?

From Strata-Sphere:

It seems Pakistan locals are ready to start hunting down al-Qaeda in the tribal areas where al-Qaeda is supposedly holed up - resembling the change in support local Sunni Iraqis had regarding al-Qaeda in the now infamous Anbar Province of Iraq:

Members of a Pakistani ethnic Pashtun tribe vowed on Thursday to raise a militia aimed at forcing al Qaeda-linked foreign militants from their lands on the Afghan border.

For several year Pakistani security forces have been trying with little success to rid the border tribal belt of foreign militants, who are blamed for raids on foreign troops in Afghanistan and for attacks inside Pakistan.

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Strategy Page has more.

My Comment: The tribal regions have always been very independent, pro-Taliban and pro-Osama bin Laden (a majority support him), anti-central government, anti-west, and hostile to all outside forces. There may be an Anbar-Like awakening in many parts of Pakistan, but there is none in the regions that count.

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