Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Roadside Bomb In Beirut Leaves Four Dead

Four Killed In Beirut Explosion -- BBC

Roadside Bomb In Beirut Leaves Four Dead -- Guardian

Targeting The US Again In Beirut -- Time Magazine

Iran & Hezbollah Targeted U.S. Embassy Officials in Lebanon -- Counter Terrorism Blog

Lebanon Blast Hits U.S. Embassy SUV, 3 Killed -- MSNBC

Beirut Blast Kills Three, Injures 22 -- LA Times

Attack On U.S. Embassy Car Kills 3 Near Beirut -- International Herald Tribune

Official: 3 Killed, U.S. Vehicle Targeted in Beirut Blast -- FOX News

Beirut Attack Fuels Political Tension -- BBC

Attack On US Vehicle In Beirut Kills 3 -- ABC News

Bomb Blast Targeting US Officials in Beirut Kills 4 -- Gateway Pundit

My Comment: I have the impression that someone is sending us a message.

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