Monday, February 4, 2008

Afghanistan War News Updates -- February 5, 2008

Condoleezza Rice Wants Nato Allies To Do More In Afghanistan -- Times Online

Raid On Taleban Hideouts Leaves Civilians Dead -- Times Online

19 Dead In Raids, Clashes In Afghanistan -- Yahoo News

Afghans Claims UK Planned To Train Ex-Taliban -- The Telegraph

Revealed: British Plan To Build Training Camp For Taliban Fighters In Afghanistan -- Independent

'Britain Planned Secret Camp In Afghanistan To Retrain Taliban Soldiers To Fight For Nato' -- Daily Mail

Teams Work To Rebuild Afghanistan -- Washington Times

Afghan Prison Blues -- Newsweek

Kabul Police Surround Home Of The Former Warlord Dostum -- International Herald Tribune

Rift In NATO Over Afghanistan Forces -- CBS News

A Flea In The Ear For Mullah Omar -- Asia Times

My Comment: NATO is in disarray, the British are pursuing an independent course of action, and the Taliban are organizing. The future is not looking bright.

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