Friday, February 15, 2008

Can Peace Be Restored In Kenya?

New Constitution Could End Violence -- Washington Times

Kenyan Rivals Agree to Write New Constitution as Part of Deal -- FOX News

Kenya Political Rivals To Review Vote -- Yahoo News

Kenyans To Review Disputed Poll -- BBC News

Agreement Signed To End Kenyan Violence -- CBS News

Kenyan Politicians Discuss Power-Sharing -- ABC News

Kenyan Rivals Agree To Independent Review Of Disputed Poll -- Guardian

Kenya Peace Talks Move Forward -- CNN

Kenya Political Rivals to Review Vote -- San Francisco Chronicle

Kenya Rivals Sign Agreement, Talks Will Continue -- MSNBC

Rape Used As Weapon In Kenya’s Ethnic Clashes -- MSNBC

Rice To Visit Strife-Torn Kenya -- LA Times

Signs In Kenya Of A Land Redrawn By Ethnicity -- International Herald Tribune

My Comment: Everyone is trying. But unfortunately too much blood has been spilled and ethnic divisions are now forming. Even if violence is stopped in its tracks completely today, it is going tol take a few generations to forget what happened last month.

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