Sunday, February 10, 2008

Poll: Bin Laden Popularity Fading In Pakistan


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Sympathy for al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden and the Taliban has dropped sharply in Pakistan amid a wave of deadly violence, according to the results of a recent opinion poll.

The survey, conducted last month for the U.S.-based Terror Free Tomorrow organization, also identified the party of assassinated opposition leader Benazir Bhutto as the country's most popular ahead of Feb. 18 elections, and said most Pakistanis want President Pervez Musharraf to quit.

The poll suggests Pakistanis are looking to peaceful opposition groups after months of political turmoil and a wave of suicide attacks.

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My Comment: Even though Bin Ladin's and Al Qaeda's popularity have gone down, a significant minority still support them. In the frontier regions .... where such polls can never be done .... my gut tells me that his popularity is still very high.

We can never succeed under these circumstances. The people who support and give shelter to the Bin Ladin's of the world are not held accountable for their actions. As long as this situation persists, Bin Ladin and his supporters will not be touched.

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