Thursday, February 14, 2008

President Bush Defends US Record On Darfur

From BBC News:

US President George W Bush has defended his decision not to send troops to the Sudanese region of Darfur, despite what he calls a genocide taking place there.

He called it a "seminal decision" not to intervene with force, taken partly out of the desire not to send US troops into another Muslim country.

Mr Bush was speaking to BBC World News America before flying to Africa.

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In Full: George W Bush's BBC Interview

My Comment: The prospect of U.S. military forces invading and occupying another Muslim country is zero. I find it amazing that the same people who are voracious in their protests against American involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan are on the same page advocating American military intervention in Darfur.

When it comes to foreign affairs, one of America's greatest weakness has been its inconsistency. On the one hand the U.S. has been supportive of democracy, on the other they have always turned a blind eye to dictatorships. President George Bush knows that an active involvement in Darfur will be very bloody ..... maybe in the long run even more bloodier than Afghanistan ..... and will take decades to come to some sort of stability. The President knows that the will among the American people is not there. As for other Western countries, I believe that I can say with confidence that the will to stick with this conflict for the long term is even less.

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