Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Transcript Of An Al Qaeda Diary in Iraq

A few days ago I wrote about a diary written by an Al Qaeda member that was found by coalition forces in a raid on a safe house. The transcript of this diary can be read by all here. A fascinating snippet can be found here.(Hat Tip to Strata-Sphere)

Its group Emir called [redacted] (Detained), and the number of fighters in the Battalion were 200. … The battalion was one of the first battalions whose numbers of fighters was tarnished after Abu-Haydar al-Ansari Battalion, and the number of fighters is now only ten.

"The al-Ansari Battalion mentioned here went from 300 fighters to 17. The passages are very interesting to read, as the anger at those who turned their backs against jihad just comes rushing out, demanding more brutality for the snub. Thus is the vicious cycle of hate and defeat al-Qaeda finds itself in across the Muslim world." (Again A Hat Tip To Strata-Sphere)

My Comment: It is clear that after five years Al Qaeda and their allies have been degraded to a level of only a few survivors. While they still enjoy a significant amount of support in the Muslim world, those who would support them actively in a military manner is clearly diminishing.

A tipping point has been reached. If coalition forces and their Iraqi allies continue to pursue a military as well as a diplomatic and reconstruction policy, Al Qaeda's influence will only become a minor one with no public support in Iraq. A remarkable achievement when one realizes that only a year ago most politicians and experts were predicting the demise of Iraq and our coalition allies.

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