Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Different Perspective On The Present World Food Crisis

From Austin Bay:

Food riots in Cameroon, Egypt, and the Ivory Coast. Haitian anger over rice prices topples a prime minister.

This week the “food crisis” rates scare headlines — but the problem is an old one and no surprise.

For numerous reasons, but especially the wildcard of biofuels and how they affect global food prices, this subject is an excellent subject for another Consequences video.

From this week’s Creators Syndicate column (via StrategyPage):

…(corn) Prices have increased for numerous, complex and often opaquely connected reasons, but producing ethanol “biofuel” (an alleged “green” alternative to gasoline) certainly contributes to the rising demand for corn…

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My Comment: These is more than enough land with the proper use of technology and government policies to feed the world. Hunger has almost always been a product of politics.

Update: More from Instapundit

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