Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Iraq War Updates -- April 23, 2008

Petraeus Picked To Lead Mideast Command -- Yahoo News

No. 2 US Commander Hopes al-Sadr Will Stop Attacks -- Yahoo News

Two Marines Killed In Suicide Bombing -- Washington Times

Baghdad Militia Clashes Kill 19 -- Yahoo News

Iraqi PM Wants to Secure Borders -- Time Magazine

Arab States Reluctant To Forgive Iraq Debt -- Washington Post

Iraq Continues Towards Reconciliation -- Hot Air

'Disneyland' Planned For Baghdad War Zone -- Times Online

Iraqis Turning In Mahdi Army Fighters -- Strata-Sphere

Why The Campaign Against Sadr? -- Belmont Club

Its Sucks To Be Sadr -- Strata Sphere

Rising Female Bombers in Iraq: An Alarming Trend -- Counter Terrorism Blog

Deep Background: Iraq Five Years On -- Austin Bay

The Real Surge Continues: Iraqi Army Corps Formation -- Long war Journal

Al Qaeda Decapitated in Iraq -- Strategy Page

al-Qaeda Cries For Help In Iraq -- Strata Sphere

Al-Qaeda Speaks -- Belmont Club