Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Vexing Reminder Of War In Chechnya's Booming Capital

From The International Herald Tribune:

GROZNY, Russia: The surprise lay under tiles in the basement of the kindergarten on Kadyrov Street, to be found by laborers toiling in the war zone-turned-construction site of Chechnya's capital city.

The bodies were exhumed and reburied with respect, though there was no pause in the banging of hammers and plastering of walls to accommodate a forensic study of the basement. That, human rights workers say, is nothing unusual in a city more or less at peace now, but with many grim basements and much rebuilding under way.

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My Comment: After the massacre of almost 300 school children, parents, and teachers in Beslan, the legitimacy that Chechnyan's had for independence from the international community disappeared. Unfortunately for the average citizen of Chechnya, the pain from this conflict will not be gone for the next 50 years.