Saturday, May 31, 2008

After A Massacre, Silence Shrouds Mexican Town

The picture below is $205 million US seized in a drug raid in Mexico.

From The International Herald Tribune:

VILLA AHUMADA, Mexico: A massacre here two weeks ago has turned this once sleepy town into a ghostly emblem of the drug violence that has swept Mexico over the past year and a half, gutting local police forces, terrifying citizens and making it almost impossible for the authorities to assert themselves.

On the night of May 17, dozens of men with assault rifles rolled into town in several trucks and shot up the place. They killed the police chief, two officers and three civilians. Then they carried off about 10 people, witnesses said. Only one has been located, found dead and wrapped in a carpet in Ciudad Juárez.

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My Comment: This is a perfect text case example of how drugs, if not curtailed, will produce a culture of violence, poverty, and a breakdown of the civil/legal/and political process. In the long run, this will produce the environment that civil strife and war feed on. Colombia, Afghanistan, are the end results from this lack of focus in stopping this trade.

Expect Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, to soon follow Mexico's problems with a drug culture.

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