Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Beijing Olympics Nuclear 'Dirty Bomb' Fears

From The Telegraph:

The Beijing Olympics could be threatened by terrorists who are trying to obtain nuclear materials in the run-up to the games, the United Nations nuclear watchdog warned today.

Terrorists may use so-called “dirty bombs” to disperse radioactive materials at the event, the International Atomic Energy Authority said as it staged its biggest ever security training exercise in the Chinese capital.

The watchdog told the BBC that the same threats will exist for the London Games in 2012 when a massive security operation will be put in place.

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My Comment: When we think of the next 9-11 happening, we always think it would happen in the West. But when one looks at where todays terrorism incidents occur, the map is different. A dirty bomb exploding in China, Russia, Japan, India or Pakistan, the oil fields of Saudi Arabia or Iraq, will have an impact equal to if not greater when compared to having such an event here.

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