Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Living In A Fishbowl

Hat Tip To Protein Wisdom:

Here is an oddly sweet anecdote that deserves wider exposure. It appeared in Furman Magazine back in 2004, and concerns the research of the granddaughter of legendary Marine Evans Carlson.

The most surreal moment of an often-surreal four years for Karen Carlson Loving came last August as she interviewed a wizened Red Army veteran high in the remote mountains of northwest China. The old man–90 if he was a day–had been a Communist guerrilla fighter against Japanese invaders in 1937 and ‘38, and Loving’s grandfather had been a U.S. Marine intelligence officer assigned to observe the war.

Through her interpreter, Loving thanked the elderly soldier, explaining, “There was so much my grandfather learned from you that helped when the time came for the Americans to fight the Japanese.”

The Chinese man stared incredulously at his blonde Western visitor, possibly the first to his isolated village. ”You mean those bastards attacked the Americans, too?” he asked.

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