Thursday, May 29, 2008

News Links -- June 4, 2008

Iran's supreme ayatollah vows that his country will continue with its nuclear program, but others are optimistic for cooperation and peace. Others are more realistic.

Somali groups seek U.N. sanctions on warmongers .... I guess everyone is now going to be sanctioned. But on the ground .... Aid Group: Somalia in Worst Crisis in 10 Years

An eye-witness account of South Africa's pogrom against foreigners. The argument in South Africa is where will these refugees will be put. More from Time Magazine.

Venezuela is revamping its internal security agencies, will now force its citizens to spy on each other. Skirmishes on the Colombia and Venezuela border are now starting.

U.S. Congress puts limits and conditions on U.S. support for Mexico in it's war with its drug lords .... Mexico naturally disagrees. From The Independent .... Mexico’s war on drugs: Journey into a lawless land.

What went wrong in Iraq - from Al Qaida's point of view. Related: Whatever happened to news from Iraq? Related: Remember the surge? (Hat Tip Maggie's Farm). Iraqi communities are no longer mixed, and violence is still happening.

The jihadist revolt against Bin Laden.

Change failing tactics on terror, Pakistan's leader urges the West. Also .... Father of Pakistan bomb denies passing on secrets.

Some believe that a deal between Israel and Hezbollah will occur, but in regards to Hamas it is business as usual. Meanwhile, Ahmadinejad says Israel to vanish with or without Iran

Over 100 countries have agreed to ban cluster bombs, why stop there? Guess what countries have not signed on.

The Pope's principle secretary is asking Muslim religious leaders to embrace peace, some countries have a problem with that.

Why oil prices are high: Nigeria, U.S. Congress, silly policies from other governments, China, India, and oil supplies. New hope will come from other countries .... Angola overtakes Nigeria as top African oil nation.

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