Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Causes Of Africa's Food Riots

West African Rice Farmer

From The Washington Times:

Food prices have skyrocketed internationally. In my own Nigeria, rice has epitomized the crisis after doubling in price since last year.

Riots around the world over food supplies are prompting panicked governments to find solutions to stem the crisis. Whether they will bring about an abundance of food is debatable.

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My Comment: Zimbabwe is not the only country that has destroyed its farm and food sector. Much of Africa is doing the same thing, but in a less forceful manner. Food .... or the lack of it .... is one of the many means that dictatorial or corrupt countries use in controlling their populations. Mugabe controls his population through intimidation, murder, and giving food to those who support him or who promise to remain neutral. In Africa and in the rest of the world the focus is on him, but he is one of many African tyrants or corrupt societies that are now successfully pursuing this policy.

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