Monday, June 30, 2008

Global Nuclear Stockpiles 'Must Be Reduced To Prevent Terrorist Attacks'

From The Telegraph:

Nuclear stockpiles around the world must be reduced to prevent weapons from falling into the hands of terrorists, a coalition of senior British politicians has warned.

The four former British defence and foreign secretaries warn that the more nuclear material in circulation, the more countries who have not had such weapons to date are likely to want to acquire their own.

Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Lord Owen, Lord Hurd of Westwell and Lord Robertson of Port Ellen do not call on Britain to take immediate action, but say that it should consider what adjustments to make to its stock of 200 warheads in the event of a "major multilateral disarmament".

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My Comment: Nuclear weapons will only be used as a deterrence against smaller nations who are trying their best to develop their own nuclear stockpile. Iran, Pakistan, etc ... these countries must be made aware that if material from their nuclear plants find their way to a bomb that explodes in a major European city .... there will be consequences.

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