Saturday, June 28, 2008

Iran Reveals Its War Strategy -- Iran Says Gulf Oil Route At Risk if Attacked

From The New York Times/Reuters:

TEHRAN (Reuters) - The Revolutionary Guards said Iran would impose controls on shipping in the vital Gulf oil route if Iran was attacked and warned regional states of reprisals if they took part, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

Fear of an escalation in the standoff between the West and Iran, the world's fourth largest oil producer, have been one factor propping up sky-high oil prices. Crude hit a record level on international markets near $143 a barrel on Friday.

Speculation about a possible attack on Iran because of its disputed nuclear ambitions has risen since a report this month said Israel had practiced such a strike, prompting increasingly tough talk of retaliation, if pushed, from Tehran.

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My Comment: The Iranians said the same thing in the 1980's. When they started to implement their strategy they got into a shooting war with the U.S. Navy. Most of their ships got sunk in the exchange. I guess the Iranians now want to start round #2.

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