Wednesday, July 30, 2008

CIA Accuses Pakistan Of 'Backing Militants'

Pakistan's Tribal Regions (Wikipedia)

From AFP:

WASHINGTON (AFP) — A senior CIA official this month confronted Pakistani officials over ties between the country's intelligence service and militants in the tribal areas, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

Citing defense and intelligence sources, the Times said that the trip by agency deputy director Stephen Kappes demonstrated a harder line being taken against Pakistani ties to those responsible for the surge of violence in Afghanistan, including militant Maulavi Jalauddin Haqqani.

Earlier this year, the US military pressed for Pakistani troops to hit the Haqqani network in the tribal areas.

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My Comment: The key quote that I read and liked is the following:

"The problem from our perspective has not been an absence of information going into the Pakistani government," said one Bush administration official familiar with discussions this week between the two governments. "It's an absence of action."

The day that Pakistan uses its intelligence and military services to capture or kill top Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders is the day that I will believe they are serious in their efforts to confront radical Islam. The ball is now in Pakistan's court, and their actions will not only determine how this U.S. administration will react, but also what the next U.S. administration will be doing.

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