Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Did Germany Strike A Gas Deal With Iran?

South Pars Gas Field In Iran

From The Jerusalem Post:

A parliamentary state secretary in German Chancellor Angela Merkel's cabinet appears to have acted illegally in influencing the country's Export Control office (BAFA) to approve a €100 million-plus deal for liquefied natural gas with Iran.

"I've become an annoyance," boasted Hartmut Schauerte, a Christian Democratic Union (CDU) member of parliament and state secretary for the Economics Ministry, in an article in the Siegener Zeitung newspaper about his efforts to secure a permit for the massive gas contract.

The Export Control office concluded after a 12-month investigation that plans by German engineering firm Steiner-Prematechnik-Gastec to build equipment for converting natural gas to a liquid did not violate sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

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My Comment: Look at what I say, not what I do. Another example why pressure on Iran is not going to work, our own allies are going out of there way to prop up and support the mullahs in Tehran against the long term strategic interests of the West.

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