Thursday, July 31, 2008

Missile Defense News -- July 31, 2008

Missile Defense Supporters Credit Bush's National Security Vision (w/video)-- CNSNews

( – Effective anti-missile defense systems that operate on land, sea, and air will be added to existing systems at home and overseas over the next few years thanks to President Bush’s long-term national security vision, according to some strategic defense experts.

A mix of ground and sea-based systems are now in place that can protect all 50 states from a limited missile strike launched from North Korea, Iran or other rogue state.

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More News On Missile Defense

US considers deploying missile defense radar to Israel -- AFP
US considers deploying missile defense radar to Israel -- Space War
Barak: US Will Provide Missile Defense; Obama: I'll Kill It -- IRIS
Japan holds missile shield drill in Tokyo's center -- Yahoo News/AP
Decision on Missile Defense in Europe Likely Passed to Next Administration -- Center For Arms Control
Department of State: U.S. Missile Defense Plans in Europe
Navy May Need Bigger Aegis BMD Fleet -- Aviation Week
Russia man on missile talks named ambassador to US -- Yahoo News/AP
Russia names new ambassador to USA amid missile dispute -- Pravda
Opinion: Relaunching the Missile Debate -- St. Petersburg Times
NLOS-LS Team Completes First Phase of Precision Attack Missile Testing -- Yahoo Finance
Congress Should Fund Development of Air-to-Air Missile Defense Technology -- Hawaii Reporter
New Russian & Chinese Treaty Revisions Hamper US in Outer Space -- Family Security Matters

My Comment: Two things caught my eye while researching for this post. (1) Israel clearly wants American technology to nullify the missile threat that is against them from Hamas, hezbollah, and Iran. Presidential candidate Barack Obama has clearly made it known that he will kill the program. (2) The new Russian ambassador to the U.S. is their main negotiator on missile defense issues. Is his appointment to the U.S. a coincidence? I doubt it.

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