Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pakistan Intelligence Riddled With Supporters Of Taliban and al-Qaeda, Purge May Be Coming

From Strata-Sphere:

The tensions and fighting are still escalating in the tribal areas that span the Pakistan-Afghanistan border region. While US, NATO and Afghani troops have a good handle on the Afghan side of the problem area, the Pakistan tribal regions known as FATA and NWFP (click map below for larger image) are the last large sanctuary for Islamo Fascists groups like the Taliban and al-Qaeda. The recent missile strike which took out a key al-Qaeda chemical weapons expert hiding in the South Waziristan Agency of FATA has resulted in some interesting reactions - to say the least.

The largest question looming for Pakistan is whether they can control their tribal areas, and those within their intelligence agency you support and cover for the terrorists. Our hit on a target inside FATA underscores our doubts about the Pakistan efforts to deal with the dangerous elements hiding out inside their country.

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My Comment: A great post from Strata-Sphere. Listing past failures of Pakistan's ISI in its joint operations with the CIA is revealing and self explanatory. But will Pakistan's Intelligence Agency ISI be purged of its disloyal members .... I doubt it.

The problem is not Pakistan's ISI, but Pakistani society as a whole. The news media, education, government, religion .... all of these institutions are openly supportive of Osama Bin laden and Al Qaeda. How can you purge a society?

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