Thursday, July 31, 2008

Spain Warns Of Big Attack By Separatists ETA Soon

Hundreds of thousands of people marched in cities across Spain Sunday, including Bilbao
in the Basque Country, to protest the ETA bombing. (January 14, 2007)

From Reuters:

MADRID (Reuters) - Authorities in Spain's Basque Country fear separatist guerrilla group ETA will attempt a big attack soon and have ordered police to increase security measures, police said on Wednesday.

The rare warning, contained in an internal police memorandum later published on the police website, follows a spate of small bombings blamed on ETA at seaside resorts that are timed to hurt Spain's tourism sector during its high season.

They said Wednesday's warning was based on information gleaned after the arrest of 10 suspected members of ETA's "Vizcaya cell" on July 22.

Police said on Saturday ETA were planning an attack against police at a fair in the Basque town of Getxo set for Thursday, and they feared the group would now attempt a similar attack.

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My Comment: By all analysis the ETA separatist movement in Spain should be dead. It has little if any popular support, the region has a considerable amount of autonomy from the central government, and economic opportunities abound.

Unfortunately, ETA terrorism proves the point that you only need a few dozen dedicated followers and a few thousand sympathizers to completely paralyze or disrupt a society. For the Basques, it has always been a fear of assimilation and the belief that it is only through independence that some form of security to their cultural traditions can be secured.

Because of this strong underlying belief, terrorism will always exist in Spain. Police enforcement by the Basque community itself is the only way to ensure that this type of activity will not get out of hand.

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