Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Zimbabwe's Mugabe Threatens Emergency

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe addresses his supporters at Harare airport on July 4. Mugabe is beginning to breathe more easily as a Western diplomatic campaign against his re-election falters, leaving mediation efforts in the hands of his old ally Thabo Mbeki.(AFP/File/Alexander Joe)

From Yahoo News:

HARARE, Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe will drop 10 zeros from the hyper-inflated currency, the country's reserve bank said Wednesday, and President Robert Mugabe threatened a state of emergency if businesses profiteer from the country's economic and political unraveling.

The longtime ruler issued the warning in a televised address to the nation as South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki flew in to meet with him about stalled power-sharing talks.

Mbeki insisted Tuesday that the talks that started last Thursday were going well and had simply adjourned on Monday.

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My Comment: The next step is emergency rule followed by Marshall Law. The situation is going to get worse in Zimbabwe, and their neighbors (like South Africa) are just twiddling their thumbs.


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