Sunday, August 10, 2008

An American Soldier/Citizen Captured In South Ossetia?

U.S. soldiers teach Georgian soldiers how to deal with unexploded ordinance as part of the Georgia Train and Equip Program. Under the program, the U.S. Defense Department is training and equipping four specialized battalions, one company-sized team, and about 200 staff officers in Georgia. U.S. defense officials say improving the Georgian military will ultimately aid the American war on global terrorism. Photo by Senior Airman Latonia L. Brown, USAF

From Izvestia:

The Russian news website Izvestia is reporting that an African American soldier/mercenary has been captured by Russian forces. He was captured with a number of Georgian soldiers, whose specialty was in handling ordinances. The report mentions that they believe he is a Nato instructor, and that he has been transferred to the Russian base of Vladikavkaz.

It also reports finding bodies of dead soldiers in Tskhinvali, the capital city of South Ossetia. But what stood out in the report was that some of the corpses were negroes.

In the above picture, we have a dated picture of American instructors teaching Georgian soldiers how to handle unexploded ordinances. The link for this picture is here.

The link to the Izvestia story (in Russian) is here.

I have not been able to corroborate this story from other sources. I can only hope and pray that there are no American soldiers in South Ossetia, and that this story is not true.

Feedback from my readers will be appreciated.


Da Weaz said...

The United States has caused this whole mishap, and if there is a captured American soldier this will just be the indisputable proof that the country will need that its leaders have yet again fucked up an ally with their idiot advice.

Russia will now apply all of the hypocritical and silly arguments advanced by the neoMorons to crush Georgia and dominate its sphere of influence. Two lost wars and a lost proxy war (Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon) doesn't leave much to threaten with.

The American empire is finished. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

Israel also trained (and still trains ) georgian troops and arms them too . (google can provide Jewish websites for this article)
America s hands are behind every chaos around the world , their Embassies have become spying places and mercenaries interefering and taking the decisions and the weak countries to follow the orders or else . (ex most Arab world and some south Asian countries )

Earth blog said...

world war 3 is coming, Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

"I have not been able to collaborate this story from other sources."

Collaborate: to work, one with another; cooperate

Corroborate: to make more certain; confirm

Anonymous said...

Good point. I write all the time .... I know what corroborate and collaborate means. Sigh .... I like to think that it is because I write to fast and that I do not bother to check what I type .... but the truth is that I am getting old.

Thanks. Correction is done..

Anonymous said...

I was just on a blog that has numerous posts expressing the need to go to war with Russia. I see this as the worst possible news. I mentioned that the Constitution demands that a war like USA VS Russia requires a congressional act. I was told that "it is irrelevant!"

Here I am talking about a Democratic blog and it is so wild what I am seeing and reading. The average American has become purely violent and animalistic to the point that "Hitting Russia is OK"

I see that the Russians are going to take Georgia and I guess they should do to what is going on there. The trouble is that the media is propagandizing the events.

What happened on the evening of the 7th never happened if you watch the US media or talk to the crazy bloggers. So it is close to time to run for the hills if you object to getting hit with lead or radiation.

Anonymous said...

As a former US Marine, I will not support this Fascist state of Amerika any longer.

The only good American military personnel outside of our borders is a dead US military personnel.

Go Russia, destroy Georgia the US bitch.

Israel should be destroyed next.

Zionism = Nazism = KKK
All 3 are racist political ideologies that seek to create a pure race state.

Destroy Zionism and NeoCons.

Anonymous said...

Will this soldier collaborate with his Russian captors, and provide information?

I don't see why not, now that Songbird McCain the traitor has a shot to be president.

What would prevent US Soldiers from collaborating now, since a collaborator will become Commander-In-Chief?

Anonymous said...

Russia has, according The New York Times, asked hague War Crimes Tribunal take the case of Georgian President Saakashvili to be tried for war crimes.

I personally don't believe that they would do this without rather good evidence against him as Hague is known to be impartial and very strict of what it considers as evidence (it is also known to be slow and ineffective, but that is besides the point).

Also all of the ossetian refugees (100'000 of them according to UN) who have fled the South Ossetia have done so to the north, to Russia. In my experience, refugees always ran towards the safest place they can find and fact that all of them ran away from Georgia leaves a rather unpleasant aftertaste.

Add this to it and you have a possibility, that american security consultants or even serving soldiers have actively aided an army, which has potentially conducted an ethnic cleansing operations and you got a truck load of manure about to be dumbed into biggest AC-unit fan you have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

This is political BS. Lets get the story strait. This is a Black skined person and African / American does not equal American!

Anonymous said...

People! God bless you for understanding what's happens now and here, on our planet. We all brothers and sisters, each of us have genealogycally tree that has a long way off roots. And it is very possible that me and all of you are in far past are a relatives. We live at this planet, why we need to kill each other? Who wants all of this shit? I am exofficer in ukraine, but i'm ashamed of our government, president and prime-minister that makes that politics that leads us to hate each other even there, in ukraine. Too much peoples a blind, they hate everything and everyone except himself. They think that russia is agressor, but i need to ask WHY? We and russians are the one ethnic group, we live many centuries with honor to each other (except a litle group of peoples, that mostly live at the border of poland). Our peoples live in russia, russian peoples live in ukraine. We have mixed families. We are one nationality. I think this way. I don't want to be at war in anyone, i have a honor and respect to any religions and nationalities. Why the government is draw us on this shit? Americans, i understand that most of you are great peoples, with own culture and you are humanists too, i apologise for our politicians, but we not enemies. If conflict (God defend us all, please) will grow and turns into war - i didn't realise what to do. I won't pick up a rifle against russians, ukrainians or against anyone.
US government forgot Kosovo.. the situation is an analog to Georgians-Ossetins-Abhazian conflict. But US government is make it's own decision to break a country, without asking aborigens. They do what they do, what they planned.
What is about "non proportional answer" of russia in georgia? 9/11 was the proportional answer?? Where is Mass Destruction Weapons? Where? Your motive was an MDW, Iraq is conquerred, but no MDW found? How i need to understand this? I've seen Saddam Hussein execution. But for what?? For that he want's to live iraqs better that they was? For that he didn't agree to be "Friends" with US, to make a present of oil??
What you do when in some country something happens, that lead do americans deaths? Right! You come and "spead an democracy". Make "peacecreation" by killing of anyone who stand on the way. In Ossetia and Abhazia most of peoples - are russians, assimilated with aborigens. Georgian gorevnment, Saakashvili personally, planned this war many years, upgrading, training and militarizing an army. US helps with some money and ammunition, ukraine helps with hard armament, but most of money spended - was georgian peoples money, taxes. Most of georgians won't this war. They now hate own president because unharmed peoples dead, because he is a new dictator like Gitler but only without moustache. Saakashvili used an MDW like "Grad" at peaceful peoples, they attacked AT NIGHT! peoples that sleeps in own houses. Town Tshinval is fully destructed, this is the same that was at WWII. Thousands peaceful deads. Why? There are many russians dead, about 1600-1700 peoples and counting.. If it was an americans, 1600 americans deaths, what america's do? YES! Attack! But one difference with russia - russia defends, but not attacks. What about proportionality? What russians must do? Send 100-200 or 1000 military's? To have another deaths? Right, NOT. They send a 10'000 militaries and say about that, it was not a cowardly quiet march. And what a georgian forces do? Yes, scared and run away, throwing weapons, tanks and other armament. Because most of them didn't want to be at war. Many of them are compulsory called up - military forces or 10 years in jail. No choice. Russian military's didn't kill peacefull peoples, Tbilisi and Gori is not in the ruins! But Tshinval is fully ruined. Bricks and holes. Nothing more. There was no resistance from georgian army. Army is fleed off. Because of guilty. See pictures of Gori and you understand if you don't for that moment.
God damn this all crazy ultranazionalists, that spread hate in our countries. Your time hase come.

I think you understands good all of this. Think twice, three times, ten times before making a decision. We don't need any war in any region. I need another government - adequate, pointed towards people but not away, for peace and prosperity, not to conflicts and war. I wish you the same, peoples - americans, polish, britains, estonians and others. Thank you for understanding. Live in peace and harmony! And some day and some time we will have a peace in our world. First it must be peace in our mind! Good luck!

Man from Ukraine.

Anonymous said...

Here's a journalist in South Ossetia who photographed what appears to be a black American soldier lying dead. Warning the footage is graphic, as is the other stuff on that website. But it is visual proof confirming Americans were running around in this conflict:

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The 2008 South Ossetia War or Russo-Georgian War was an armed conflict in August 2008 between Georgia on one side, and Russia and separatist governments of South Ossetia and Abkhazia on the other.

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The 1991–1992 South Ossetia War between ethnic Georgians and Ossetians had left slightly more than a half of South Ossetia under de-facto control of a Russian-backed internationally unrecognised government. Most ethnic Georgian parts of South Ossetia remained under the control of Georgia (Akhalgori district, and most villages surrounding Tskhinvali), with Georgian, North Ossetian and Russian Joint peacekeeping force present in the territories. A similar situation existed in Abkhazia after the War in Abkhazia (1992–1993). Increasing tensions escalated during the summer months of 2008. On 5 August, Russia vowed to defend South Ossetia.
During the night of 7 to 8 August 2008, Georgia launched a large-scale military offensive against South Ossetia, in an attempt to reclaim the territory. Georgia claimed that it was responding to attacks on its peacekeepers and villages in South Ossetia, and that Russia was moving non-peacekeeping units into the country. The Georgian attack caused casualties among Russian peacekeepers, who resisted the assault along with Ossetian militia. Georgia successfully captured most of Tskhinvali within hours. Russia reacted by deploying units of the Russian 58th Army and Russian Airborne Troops in South Ossetia, and launching airstrikes against Georgian forces in South Ossetia and military and logistical targets in Georgia proper. Russia claimed these actions were a necessary humanitarian intervention and peace enforcement.

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Russian and Ossetian troops battled Georgian forces throughout South Ossetia for four days, with the heaviest fighting taking place in Tskhinvali. On August 9, Russian naval forces blockaded a part of the Georgian coast and landed marines on the Abkhaz coast. The Georgian Navy attempted to intervene, but was defeated in a naval skirmish. Russian and Abkhaz forces opened a second front by attacking the Kodori Gorge, held by Georgia. Georgian forces put up only minimal resistance, and Russian forces subsequently raided military bases in western Georgia. After five days of heavy fighting in South Ossetia, the Georgian forces retreated, enabling the Russians to enter uncontested Georgia and occupy the cities of Poti, Gori, Senaki, and Zugdidi.

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Through mediation by the French presidency of the European Union, the parties reached a preliminary ceasefire agreement on 12 August, signed by Georgia on 15 August in Tbilisi and by Russia on 16 August in Moscow. Several weeks after signing the ceasefire agreement, Russia began pulling most of its troops out of uncontested Georgia. Russia established buffer zones around Abkhazia and South Ossetia and created checkpoints in Georgia's interior. These forces were eventually withdrawn from uncontested Georgia. However some Western officials insist the troops did not return to the line where they were stationed prior to the beginning of hostilities as described in the peace plan. Russian forces remain stationed in Abkhazia and South Ossetia under bilateral agreements with the corresponding governments.

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A number of incidents occurred in both conflict zones in the months after the war ended.
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