Saturday, August 30, 2008

Canadian And U.S. Forces Working Together In Afghanistan

Afghan police officers and Canadian soldiers inspect the site of an explosion in Kandahar, Afghanistan. (Allauddin Khan/The Associated Press)

American Troops Join Canadian Forces In
Kandahar Province -- CBC News

About 800 American troops will be helping Canadian forces in the fight against Taliban insurgents in Kandahar province, military officials announced Saturday.

The new troops come from the 2nd Infantry Battalion, based at Fort Hood, Tex.

The battalion, better known as the Ramrods or the 2-2s, arrived in Kandahar in early July and are setting up a base in Maywand district, which is northwest of Kandahar city and borders on Helmand province.

U.S. Lt.-Col. Dan Hurlbut said the Americans have been scoping out the area for a few weeks. Maywand is considered a dangerous place, overrun by the Taliban, and NATO troops haven't spent much time in the area.

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My Comment: Expect more news in the next few months on cooperation between U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

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