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Iraq War News Updates -- August 13, 2008

Iraqi children gather around as U.S. Army Pfc. Shane Bordonado patrols the streets of Al Asiriyah, Iraq, on Aug. 4, 2008. Bordonado is assigned to 2nd Squadron, 14th Cavalry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division. DoD photo by Spc. Daniel Herrera, U.S. Army. (Released)

Iraq Minister: US Troops Will Pull Out In Three Years
Under Deal -- Times Online

American soldiers will withdraw from cities across Iraq next summer and all US combat troops will leave the country within three years, provided the violence remains low, under the terms of a draft agreement with the Iraqi Government.

In one of the most detailed insights yet into the content of the deal, Hoshyar Zebari, the Iraqi Foreign Minister, has also told The Times that the US military would be barred from unilaterally mounting attacks inside Iraq from next year.

In addition, the power of arrest for US soldiers would be curbed by the need to hand over any detainee to a new, US-Iraqi committee. Troops would require the green light from this joint command before conducting any operation.

The Pentagon refused to comment last night on the proposals laid out in the draft agreement between Baghdad and Washington that covers the status of US forces beyond 2008. Britain will strike its own deal with Iraq, but Gordon Brown hopes to withdraw most British troops from Iraq by next summer, reducing the number of soldiers from 4,100 to “a few hundred” by then.

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Attacks in Iraq kill five, injure 29 -- Yahoo News/AFP
Bombs target city official, civilians in Iraq -- Yahoo News/AP
Bombs hit northern Iraq, forces expect more -- Yahoo News/Reuters
Nine killed in Iraq attacks -- Yahoo News/AFP
US military: Suicide bomber kills 2 in Baqouba -- Washington Times
US mil: Suicide bomber kills 2 Iraqis in Baqouba -- Yahoo News/AP
Iraq governor survives attack, curfew imposed -- Yahoo News/Reuters
Iraq anti-Qaeda leader survives 9th assassination bid -- Yahoo News/AFP
MNF forces detain nine Hezbollah suspects in Iraq -- Kuwait news Agency
Iraqi FM: Iraq, US 'on the brink' of security deal -- Yahoo News/AP
U.S., Iraq Remain Unresolved On Dates for U.S. Troop Pullout -- Washington Post
General Petraeus hails SAS after Iraq victory over al-Qaeda car bombers -- Times Online
Iraqi prisoners reformed, released -- Washington Times
King of Jordan pays secret visit to talk of security, stability and discounted oil -- Times Online
King of Jordan Becomes First Arab Leader To Visit Iraq Since 2003 -- gateway Pundit
Iraq to resume oil exploration after 20 year pause -- Reuters
US-Iraqi officials seek to ease water shortages -- Washington Post
US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,140 -- Yahoo News/AFP


Al Qaeda's brutality alienates Iraqis -- Stuff (new Zealand)
Kirkuk A Flashpoint For Ethnic Divisions In Iraq -- NPR
Use of contractors in Iraq costs billions, report says -- International Herald Tribune
Report: Iraq Contract Pricetag $85B -- Time Magazine
The War in Iraq Is Over. What Next? -- Wall Street Journal
US and Iraqis Close to Troop Withdrawal Agreement -- American Thinker
How The Surge Worked -- Washington Post
Terror Connects to Crime In Iraq: Analysis by General David Petraeus -- Austin Bay
Iraqi prisoners reformed, released -- Washington Times
British Deal With al-Sadr Betrayed Iraqi People -- Pajamas Media


Iranian EFPs Disappear -- Strategy Page
Coalition forces capture 9 Hezbollah Brigades operatives in Baghdad -- Long War Journal
Iraq Army Buys Stryker Cousin -- Strategy Page
Iraq Revives Its British Past -- Strategy Page
The Chai count -- Long War Journal

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