Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mexico's Drug Wars

Drug War Bodies Are Piling Up In Mexico -- L.A. Times

The heap of 11 decapitated bodies found in Yucatan shows that the battle to control the multibillion-dollar drug trade knows no boundaries.

MEXICO CITY -- The sickening discovery this week of 11 headless bodies heaped like broken dolls near the colonial city of Merida underscored a bitter lesson for Mexico: The battle to control the multibillion-dollar drug trade knows no boundaries.

The bodies are piling up nationwide, even in normally tranquil and touristy spots such as Merida, not far from the Maya ruins of Chichen Itza.

During a seven-day period ended Friday, more than 130 people died violently throughout the country. Headless bodies turned up in four states, including Baja California.

The Yucatan peninsula, strategically close to smuggling routes through Central America, tallied 12, after another decapitated body was found a few hours later Thursday about 80 miles east of the carnage near Merida.

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My Comment: This war is getting bloodier and widespread. What is worse is that no one is predicting when this anarchy will come to an end. From my point of view .... it is when the U.S. changes its policies towards drugs that the narco war will finally be over.