Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pogrom Of Christians In India -- Many Are Feared Dead, Thousands Are In Hiding

Christians return for shelter after spending days in hiding in a forest at Naugram village in the eastern Indian state of Orissa August 30, 2008. Thousands of people, most of them Christians, have sought shelter in makeshift government camps in eastern India, driven from their homes by religious violence which has killed at least 13 people this week. REUTERS/Parth Sanyal (INDIA)

Christians Hide In Forests As Hindu Mobs
Ransack Villages -- Guardian

As death toll rises, Prime Minister denounces 'national shame' in state of Orissa where 60 churches were burned down

Thousands of terrified Indian Christians are hiding in the forests of the volatile Indian state of Orissa after a wave of religious 'cleansing' forced them from their burnt-out homes with no immediate prospect of return.

A mob of Hindu fundamentalists rampaged through villages last week, killing those too slow to get out of their way, burning churches and an orphanage, and targeting the homes of Christians. Up to 20 people were reported dead, with at least two deliberately set alight, after the murder of a Hindu leader last Saturday provoked the violence.

In some districts, entire villages lay deserted, abandoned by Christian populations who would rather shelter in the forests than return to face the risk of death. Some villagers attempted to return to their homes yesterday despite threats of further violence.

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More News On The Continuing Violence In India

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My Comment: India has always had a history of religious warfare between Hindus and Muslims .... but violence against the Indian Christian community has always been isolated and
not as widespread. What is happening in Eastern India represents the changing and evolving situation that is happening in India today. India is a country made up of numerous and different ethnic, religious, and social groups. Keeping the peace between all of them is sometimes an impossible task.

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