Sunday, August 31, 2008

Somali Islamic Insurgents Are Smelling Victory

Ethiopia's military commitment to Somalia is not open-ended, and it has to balance its responsibilities in Mogadishu with domestic political priorities, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi (seen here in June) said in an interview published Thursday. (AFP/File/Cris Bouroncle)

Somali Insurgents Welcome Ethiopia's Hint To Withdraw
Troops From Somalia --

(SomaliNet) Spokesman for Somali insurgents said on Friday that the Somali group welcomed Ethiopia's hint that it will withdraw its troops from Somalia even before the current Somali interim government is stable and effective.

Abdurahim Isse Adow, spokesman for the Union of Islamic Courts, told Xinhua by phone that: "We welcome Ethiopian Prime Minister's admission that he cannot rule Somalia and we will continue fighting his troops until the last soldier leaves Somali border."

On Thursday, Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi suggested in an interview with the Financial Times that Ethiopia would withdraw its forces from Somalia, saying Ethiopia's military commitment to the war-torn Horn of Africa country was "not open-ended".

In late 2006, Ethiopia sent thousands of its troops to Somalia to oust the Union of Islamic Courts that it deemed a threat to its national security and to help the Somali transitional government establish in the capital.

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My Comment: Somalia's Islamic and pro Al Qaeda militants are sensing victory. This is a bad omen for all in the region, and will produce a safe haven for Al Qaeda in Africa.

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