Monday, September 29, 2008

Afghanistan -- Face Of The Enemy

Taleban Warrior Who Delights In Killing
British Soldiers -- Times Online

For a self-confessed and enthusiastic killer of British soldiers there was something strangely naive in the manner of the Taleban bomber. The lightly bearded 23-year-old looked younger than his years, with gentle features beneath his black turban and a habit of asking odd questions.

“The British soldiers have shaved their heads but when we see them washing they are still shampooing their heads, but they have no hair.” He looked mystified and then laughed.

Between the moments of naive curiosity, he boiled with a visceral hatred of Westerners. Almost casually, he mentioned the desire he felt to kill me with a pistol he was carrying, before explaining that he was restraining himself because of a promise he had given to tribal intermediaries who set up the interview.

Instead he focused on his enthusiasm for bombs and dead foreign soldiers and his role as a midlevel commander of 20 to 30 fighters.

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My Comment: There is much of this story that I find hard to believe. But if this article is partially true, it tells me that the Taliban's minor commanders are paranoid, homicidal, and totally ignorant of the consequences that their actions bring on themselves and on their families.

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