Monday, September 29, 2008

How To Take Down Somali Pirates

U.S. Navy Seals

From The Danger Room:

The U.S. Navy destroyer Howard continues to shadow the Ukrainian vessel Faina, which Somali pirates seized last week. Faina is loaded with around three dozen T-72 tanks and other weapons reportedly bound for Kenya. "Howard is on-station," Commander Curtis Goodnight, Howard's skipper, told a Navy reporter. "My crew is actively monitoring the situation." The destroyer has even established unspecified "bridge-to-bridge" comms with the hijacked ship.

What might the Navy do if ordered to secure the seized weapons? Two recent French anti-piracy raids might offer a preview. In one raid in April, French commandos in helicopters, operating from ships, chased pirates onto land. A sniper in one chopper shot out the engines of the pirates' vehicles; another chopper landed commandos to grab six of the startled Somalis.

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My Comment: The U.S. navy Seals can probably be successful in s rescue operation .... but there is no political will in Washington to save Russian sailors on a Ukrainian ship.

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