Friday, October 31, 2008

The Internet Is 5,000 Days Old -- What Will The Next 5,000 Days Bring

WNU Editor: The past weekend I came across this incredible video from one of my favorite blogs (Ubiwar). It is 20 minutes long, and it is excellent video . Ubiwar's remarks are also worth noting .... and I have copied his remarks below.

Enjoy .....

Sue Thomas sent me this talk by Kevin Kelly, who probably needs little introduction to most Ubiwar readers. In this December 2007 presentation Kelly takes a look at the next 5000 days of the web (the web being approximately 5000 days old when he gave this talk).

He suggests that the web will be the global machine (”The One”) and this will entail different ways of interacting with information, and it with us. This is fascinating stuff, particularly for me, who seems to spend an awful lot of time these days considering ‘convergence’ and its effects on security and violence.

This is 20 minutes of anyone’s time well spent, and he’s a good speaker too, so it’s painless…

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